Education: Kean University History Department

The Department of History is one of Kean University’s oldest and most productive programs of study and has been part of the instructional component of the institution since its inception in 1855.

The mission of the Department of History is to develop emerging scholars capable of thinking critically, communicating across cultures, researching, analyzing, writing and reasoning within the perspective of historical literacy and done within a global context, skills in high demand to employers in a wide range of industries.

Every student studies the foundations, which include insights into cultures and problems of civilizations and an understanding of human groupings – countries, religions, and civilizations that have generated the emotions, symbols and values of contemporary life. Students also learn about the complex causes of the rise and fall of societies, as well as the underlying realities of leadership, social class and power.

History graduates are capable of producing quality research, and as teacher/scholars encourage and inspire tolerance and mutual understanding as responsible and responsive members of a civic community.

The bachelor’s degree program in history is intellectually rigorous. It requires a considerable amount of reading, writing and research. It is designed to give students a wide-ranging knowledge of the human past, as well as the practical and philosophical skills of a scholar. Students learn to work with primary and secondary sources and to analyze them critically. We also expect students to become part of the life of the department. This means meeting regularly with professors and an advisor and attending student workshops and special events. In the end, this helps students learn to think and behave like an historian.

Program Options

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