Online Learning Resources: Family and Kids

Have some fun with the family with Liberty Hall! Explore Liberty Hall’s history, collection, outbuildings, gardens, and more right from home. Click on the links below to download each activity.


Colonial Games at Liberty Hall:

Learn about some of our favorite toys and games that children played with 200 years ago and make your own colonial game at home. Ages 4-8

Cup and Ball

Quilting at Liberty Hall:

Explore some quilts from Liberty Hall’s collection, learn how quilting impacted American life, and design your own quilt pattern at home. Ages 6-12

The Colonial Privy (Toilet) at Liberty Hall:

What did colonists do when they had to go to the bathroom? Explore the privy at Liberty Hall Museum, read and analyze a poem about an outhouse, and write your own “Ode to A Bathroom!”  Middle School students

Colonial Privy

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, oh my!:

Grab a pencil and explore the history of transportation in the United States.  Learn how the Livingston and Kean families travelled, analyze how travel has changed over time, and predict what the future of transportation will look like! Elementary students

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Create a Time Capsule with Liberty Hall Museum:

You are living through a historic time right now!  Record your life and experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak with Liberty Hall Museum’s time capsule activities!

Time Capsule

Forests and Trees and Liberty Hall Museum:

Become an environmentalist, a scientist, a mathematician, a writer, or even an artist, and let’s explore some trees together!

Study a Tree!

Create Your Own Sundial

It’s Springtime!  Get outside, learn about telling time, and build your own sundial!

Create Your Own Sundial

Shadows and Silhouettes

Travel back in time to before cameras existed, learn about the process of capturing an image only through shadow, and make your own silhouette.  All ages.

Make a Silhouette!

Collect like a Curator

Do you have a collection?  Now is the perfect time to start a collection! Learn how museum curators organize and take care of museum collections, catalog your own collection, and build a mini-exhibit. Ages 7- 12

Collect like a Curator

Liberty Hall Museum Videos:

Liberty Hall Museum: Colonial Food Preservation Science Experiment

Enjoy science from home! Have fun doing a science experiment about colonial food preservation with Liberty Hall Museum! Elementary students

Liberty Hall Museum Colonial Refrigeration Science Experiment

Enjoy a fun science experiment with Liberty Hall Museum about colonial refrigeration!

Liberty Hall Museum: Herbs and Spices Science Experiment

Explore the various herbs and spices colonists used in food preservation and conduct a fun science experiment about colonial food preservation with Liberty Hall Museum!

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