Pre-School Programs

Below are the programs that we offer for Pre-school students. Click on the links below to read more about each program.


Games Galore! 

Make math fun and explore colonial life through games that focus on number identification, patterns, shapes, and sizes!


Fall for Liberty Hall

Come visit Liberty Hall’s historic grounds and gardens during its most beautiful season; Fall.


Tall Tales of the Revolution 

Listen, sing, and discover revolutionary-era folktales that have been passed down through generations at Liberty Hall.

A Child’s Colonial Life


Step back in time and experience an average day in the life of a child in the late 1700s!


Green Thumbs

Explore Liberty Hall’s historic grounds, gardens, and greenhouses to learn all about how plants grow and thrive!


Adventures in Nature

Come explore and study the different plants, animals, and environments surrounding Liberty Hall!


Community Helpers 

Visit Liberty Hall’s Firehouse Museum to learn all about firefighters- important community helpers of the past and present!


Houses and Homes 

Explore the world of architecture and experiment with a wide variety of building materials!