Additional Workshops

Liberty Hall offers four different educational workshops to complement your class trip.

Available for grades Kindergarten- 5th.

Code Book:

Students will learn how about the role of spy networks during the American Revolution. Each student will create their own codebook and decipher a message from George Washington using a real Revolutionary-era code.

Additional fee: $2.00 per student


Marble Making:

Students will learn how early American children made their own marbles and created their own marble games. Each student will make their own set of marbles with a burlap carry bag to take home.

Additional fee: $3.00 per student


Wooden Top Painting:

Students will create their own palette, learning how primary colors can be mixed to create secondary colors. They will use the colors they create to paint a wooden top to take home. 

Additional fee: $2.00 per student 


Quill Writing:

Students will learn the art of writing with a quill pen and will create a paper hornbook to take home.

Additional fee $2.00 per student. Optional purchase of quill pen to take home: $4.00 each.