Liberty Hall offers a diverse array of school programs, designed to enlighten and inform curious young minds. Whether playing with toys from over 200 years ago or writing with a quill pen, as our founding fathers once did, a trip to Liberty Hall Museum provides the unique opportunity see, touch and relive history.

Our programs meet a variety of New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards and are conducted by museum educators who share a genuine love of history. Liberty Hall’s historians and staff are dedicated to ensuring that every student that enters the museum leaves with a greater appreciation for our nation’s history.

School Programs at Liberty Hall Museum

All of our specially designed school programs vividly illustrate the events of long ago.


From Crown to Country
Students will discover and choose which side of the American Revolution they want to join, all while exploring William Livingston’s revolutionary lifestyle and colonial home.
Changing Childhood
Come and see how life has changed for children at Liberty Hall from colonial times to modern day.
Colonial Days

Set aside the screens and step back in time to experience a day in the life of a child in colonial America. Students will step back in time to experience a day in the life of a child in the late 1700s including colonial chores, school, and games. Guided by museum educators in period dress, students will explore a life vastly different to their own through hands-on activities and artifacts.

Houses & Homes

The many buildings at Liberty Hall serves as a perfect introduction to architecture, shapes, and homes. Exploring the buildings on Liberty Hall’s property, students will learn how different building materials were used throughout time, how climate, building function, and culture affect architecture, and how homes can come in many different shapes and sizes around the world.

Middle School/High School

The Road to Revolution

Trace the path to the American Revolution from the first stirrings of discontent to the birth of the nation using primary source documents and artifacts from the museum’s collection. Step into the role of a historian and study primary source documents, learn how to take an oral history, observe best practices for the preservation, and create an object display.

Adventures in Architecture

Study the architecture and floor plans of Liberty Hall and discover how the Mansion was adapted to meet the changing needs of residents over the course of 240 years.

History Speaks!

A captivating introduction to primary source research for middle school students. Through the use of documents and artifacts from our extensive collection, students will gain an understanding of the value and methodology of primary source research. The program can be customized to focus on any era of American History from the War for Independence to World War I.

The Historian’s Apprentice

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