Scout Programs: Daisies

Vi’s Story 

Daisies will listen to Vi’s story then travel the globe and learn about the different types of houses that people live in and create a mural to illustrate their adventure.  Finally, we’ll share a snack in the garden and visit the greenhouses to learn about the types of flowers that grow in different parts of the planet.


Lupe’s Story

Daisies will listen to Lupe’s Story then learn about the types of toys, games and activities that entertained early American children.  They will have the opportunity to play with reproductions of the very same toys and games.  Daisies will invent their own versions of these classic games by making up new rules and teaching fellow Daisies how to play.  Finally, we’ll share a snack and paint a finger top to take home.


Clover’s Story 

Listen to Clover’s story and learn how Clover and her friends use resources wisely. Walk the grounds of Liberty Hall Museum and meet the honeybees! Discover how bees are an essential part of nature. Enjoy a snack and make a collage craft. 


Special Programming:

Girl Scout Day: Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthday Celebration!

Liberty Hall Museum is the perfect place to celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday! Take a tour of Liberty Hall and learn about the women and girls who called Liberty Hall home. Discover how Juliette empowered women to find their voices. Complete a girl scout craft. Enjoy some light refreshments and learn about the other Girl Scout opportunities offered at Liberty Hall Museum. This program fulfills requirements for the Brownie Girl Scout Way Badge.
This event runs in early November.  See event calendar for details. See event calendar for details.

Virtual Scout Programs Available!

Our ever popular scout programs are now available as virtual programs!  Explore our selection of virtual scout programs. Each program is approximately 90 minutes in length and includes a lively presentation by one of our museum educators along with artifacts from the museum’s collection.  Programs are designed to assist scouts in completing the requirements of merit badges, elective adventures., etc. – depending on your scout level. To book a program, please contact Hannah Gaston, the Coordinator of School Programs at or call 908-527-0400. See virtual program page for details.