Outreach Middle/High School Programs

Museum educators in period dress will come to your classroom and conduct one or more of our exceptional outreach programs.  Outreach programs to classrooms include modified versions of select in-person field trips and completely new programs designed specifically for your classroom. All outreach programming is based on current Common Core and New Jersey Department of Education standards and will include pre-visit activities.

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Road to Revolution 

Trace the path to the American Revolution from the first stirrings of discontent to the birth of the nation using primary source documents and artifacts from the museum’s collection.


Historian’s Apprentice

Step into the role of a historian, learn how museum’s use objects to tell stories, and study primary source documents. 

Documenting the Past: Women’s Suffrage

Discover the long struggle for women’s suffrage and study the primary source documents that reflect the path to the 19th Amendment.

Documenting the Past: Livingston and the New Jersey Constitution 

Discover how William Livingston may have influenced the founding document of the state of New Jersey.


Students will explore selections from the extensive book collection of Liberty Hall before making a series of handmade books.

Scouts, Spies, and Soldiers

Students will step into the role of a spy during the American Revolution and learn about their methods along with a real colonial secret code.

Art Adventures 

Students will learn about the art collection of Liberty Hall and its many different genres to find inspiration for creating their very own masterpieces!