Professional Development Workshops

Liberty Hall provides a unique learning environment for both students and teachers.  Learning about American History, in the very place where it happened, sparks enthusiasm and inspires fresh insights. The collections and setting of Liberty Hall will provide the springboard for activities and lessons that we will explore in these workshops.  Workshops are two hours long and all materials will be provided.  Professional development credit may be given at the discretion of the participating school district. Workshops are offered at select times each year.

Workshop 1: The Museum as Muse: Teaching With Objects

Artifacts provide a tangible link to the past.  The simplest, everyday object can tell a compelling story and leave a lasting impact.  In this workshop, educators will examine a selection of artifacts and documents from our collection and explore ways to craft lessons that encourage inferential thinking and independent exploration. 

Workshop 2: The Museum as Muse: Teaching with Documents

Learn about what goes on behind the scenes at New Jersey’s premier American History museum.  We’ll tour parts of the museum not seen on field trips while learning little-known facts about Liberty Hall’s residents.  We’ll share ideas for wonderful cross-curricular activities based on accessible artifacts and hands-on projects for the classroom.