In the 1760s, when Governor William Livingston purchased land in Elizabethtown, NJ for Liberty Hall, one of his goals was to establish a garden filled with unique specimens, a truly beautiful and enduring legacy. He cultivated his garden from fruit trees from Europe, and in the 18th century tradition, exchanged seeds with his contemporaries such as George Washington and his son-in-law John Jay. The magnificent Horse Chestnut tree which stands just outside the front door of Liberty Hall, was indeed one of the seeds he obtained from England. It is over 240 years old today and one of the oldest trees in New Jersey. You can also find a Bartlett pear tree, Seckel pear tree and Buckeye trees that are also among the oldest of their kind in New Jersey, all right here on the grounds of Liberty Hall.

You can see many other outstanding trees along the Serpentine Path, many planted by another early owner Lord Bollingbroke who resided at Liberty Hall in the early 1800s. Our gardens today still amaze visitors each day from all over the world. Bringing William Livingston’s goal to life by continuing to have a garden filled with unique specimens.

New for the Summer, we are offering guided tours of the Property and Gardens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. All tickets must be pre-purchased at least 2 hours ahead of schedule tour time. For tickets, please click here

Explore Our Trails


Liberty Hall’s English parterre garden features a full-length maze, providing optimal views of the seasonal blooms.

Herb Garden

Take in the crisp scent of basil, rosemary, lemon balm, echinacea, lamb’s ear, bee balm and more on a refreshing stroll through our Herb Garden.

Serpentine Trail

Unusual for traditional gardening practices at the time, the Serpentine Trail provides a fun rambling path through the grounds.

Flowers & Rose Garden

Liberty Hall’s charming rose garden is home to a number of rare fragrant species that have bloomed for centuries. The garden erupts in a flurry of rich color annually. Visitors are transported to the time of the mansion’s last matriarch, Mary Alice Kean. Set your screens aside and stroll through a vibrant web of lilies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, oleander and greenhouse plants.

Purchase a Potted Piece of New Jersey History…

Calling all Gardeners and Horticulturalists!

Liberty Hall is selling a potted piece of New Jersey history! We partnered with the NJ Department of Forestry to spawn 168 offspring of our famous Horse Chestnut Tree, planted by Susan Livingston in 1770! The conkers from our Horse Chestnut, recognized as a historically significant Heritage Tree by the NJ State Tree Registry, are already growing in the museum’s cold frames. For a limited time, patrons of our newly level II accredited Arboretum can purchase a Horse Chestnut seedling, along with step by step instructions for planting & maintenance, and information on the rich history of the tree for just $95. In addition to the sapling, buyers will have the option to take home a free Bareroot tree! All trees will be available for pick up on Arbor Day, April 30th. Supplies are limited, so place your orders for this priceless agricultural artifact today! Purchase using the link below: