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Main House Tours:

In 1760, when lawyer William Livingston was planning to build a country home, he brought 120 acres in what was then sleepy bucolic Elizabethtown, just across the river from his New York home. For the next 12 years, Livingston developed the extensive grounds, gardens, orchards and oversaw the building of a beautiful fourteen room Georgian-style home known as Liberty Hall. William Livingston would go on to become New Jersey’s first elected governor and a signer of the U.S. Constitution.

William Livingston’s niece, Susan (Livingston) [Kean] Niemcewicz purchases the house in 1811 in which it will be become the Kean family household until 1995. The expands from Livingston’s fourteen room colonial home into the exquisite 50-room Victorian mansion you see today.  The museum houses extensive collections of furniture, ceramics, textiles, toys and tools owned by seven generations of the Livingston and Kean families.

Liberty Hall Museum at Kean University chronicles more than 250 years of American and New Jersey history through the eyes of one family’s household.

Firehouse Museum:

This tour is an added option to your tour. Compromised of items inherited from the private collection of Stewart Barney Kean with a mission to promote fire safety and education for children and adults. Home to a unique collection of New Jersey firehouse memorabilia, including three historic engine, the Liberty Hall Firehouse Museum reveals how brave firefighters extinguished a blaze more than 200 years ago. Our three historic engines include: 1911 American LaFrance Metropolitan Steam Pumper, 1927 American LaFrance once owned by the City of Union, New Jersey, and 1928 Seagrave Fire engine once owned by City of Elizabeth, New Jersey. There is also a 1950s Mack Firetruck housed outside the museum which could be played on.

Current Exhibits:

History in the Bottle: This is our newest permanent exhibit at Liberty Hall. The exhibit displays the “best” of the alcohol collection- spirits, wines, and liquors from the Livingston and Kean families; including bottles of 18th century Lenox Madeira, a Portuguese wine favored by many founding fathers like George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. The exhibit shows the timeline of alcohol not only in the United States but the world using the collection found in the main house.

Upcoming Exhibits:

Da Vinci- Inventions: This exhibit is located at the Liberty Hall Academic Center. A hands-on Da Vinci — Inventions exhibition featuring a complete depiction of the original renaissance man will be open to the public from January 25, 2020 to April 12, 2020 at Kean’s Liberty Hall Academic Center. An icon who profoundly influenced international culture and more, Leonardo da Vinci and his vision lives in everything from plane flights to portraits. Da Vinci — Inventions examines his sketches and paintings, and brings the machines he invented on paper to life, welcoming visitors to witness the full extent of his prolific greatness. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.