Commemorative Tree Program

The Arboretum at Liberty Hall is the place to purchase a Commemorative Tree in recognition of someone special in your life. Give a perfect, lasting, and symbolic gift for a birthday, graduation, wedding, or honor the memory of someone special by giving the gift of a tree to the beautiful grounds of Liberty Hall.

The price per tree is $400.00.

Upon purchase of a tree, the honoree’s name, the type of tree, and the tree number will be displayed on a commemorative plaque affixed to its trunk for all visitors to see. Your act of remembrance or honor is further showcased on a brass plate in the Visitor Center and on our garden guide map, so you can easily identify and visit the tree whenever you would like.

To show our appreciation for your gift, those who purchase a Commemorative Tree will receive a complimentary individual annual membership for one year.

For more information or to participate in our Commemorative Tree Program please send all inquiries to Megan Couch at

History of the Grounds:

For more information about the History of the Grounds at Liberty Hall, click the link below to guide you to our Arboretum and Garden page.