Julia Kean Fish: 1840

Students will meet a first-person interpreter of Julia Kean Fish on the eve of the contested Presidential election of 1840. Julia will take the students on a tour of Liberty Hall in 1840, positioned within an accurate historical setting. Discover why the 1840 election between William Henry Harrison and Martin Van Buren was so hotly contested. Discover what her life was like in the 1840s and how she and her husband campaigned for the Whig party. The tour is followed by a live question and answer session between Julia and the students.


Program Availability: Monday – Friday; 10:00am-2:00pm

Program Length: 45 minute sessions

Recommended Grade Level: 2nd through 5th

Group Limit: 25 students per session

Price: $75 per session, $50 per additional session booked with the same school


Book Your Windows to the Past:

Please contact Hannah Gaston, Education Coordinator at 908.527.0400 or hgaston@kean.edu