Windows to the Past

Students can participate in our Windows to the Past program.  Using the technology of Face Time, students can speak with historic characters that are positioned within an accurate historic setting. Teachers can choose from a menu of historical figures from the 1770s through the 1940s who will discuss their life. The discussion will be followed by a question and answer session with students. Teachers will receive an advance packet with activities and information about their selected historical figure. 

Historic Figures:

  1. William Livingston: New Jersey During the American Revolution
  2. Susannah Livingston: Managing a Household in Colonial America
  3. Tom/Temperance: Enslaved People/Indentured Servants in Colonial America
  4. Julia Kean: Women in Politics in the 1870s
  5. Colonel John Kean: Building New Jersey during the Industrial Revolution
  6. Anna Callahan/James Grace: Life of a Servant in High Society New Jersey
  7. Mary Alice Barney Kean: Modern day Americana 


Program Availability: Monday – Friday; 10:00am-2:00pm

Program Length: 45 minute sessions

Recommended Grade Level: 2nd through 8th

Group Limit: 25 students per session

Price: $75 per session, $50 per additional session on the same day



Book Your Windows to the Past:

Please contact Hannah Gaston, Coordinator of School Programs at 908.527.0400 or