Education: Houses & Homes

This program allows students to explore the world of architecture and gain an understanding of the types of building materials used by architects and builders around the world.  Exploring the buildings on Liberty Hall’s property, students will learn how different building materials were used throughout time, how climate, building function, and culture affect architecture, and how homes can come in many different shapes and sizes around the world.  Students will spend time in our design lab and create their own two-and-three dimensional structures from a wide variety of materials.


Program Availability: Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Recommended Grade Level: Kindergarten- 3rd

Program Length: Minimum 90 minutes

Group Limit: Up to 130 Students (for larger groups, please inquire)

Admission: $12.00

1 free adult for every 10 students, additional adults are $14.00 each

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Additional Workshops Available!!

We offer four different educational workshops to complement your class trip. Available for grades Kindergarten-5th.